The DentalArt Approach

The DentalArt approach is to examine all our patients dental needs and endeavour to inform them accurately about treatment options that are possible, realistic and best suit the outcome they hope to achieve. This might involve a treatment of a single tooth or the reconstruction of an entire dentition.

This approach is broken into four stages:

Stage 1 - Pain Relief and/or Immediate Problem Solving
Nobody enjoys dental pain and at DentalArt, we aim to alleviate or lessen your immediate pain/problem ASAP. The treatment offered at this stage may be provisional (e.g. a temporary or sedative dressing, smoothing a sharp fractured tooth, antibiotics to reduce swelling or infection) as definitive treatment may not be appropriate until stage 2 is completed.

Stage 2 - Comprehensive Treatment Planning
A complete examination of your current dental condition and immediate dental treatment needs. Dental radiographs (X-rays) are usually required at this stage to allow better visualisation of any problems. Other special tests or records (e.g. pulp vitality tests, gum pocket depth records, plaster study models of your mouth, etc) may be organised to complete our information gathering. At this point, a separate appointment is often organised to discuss any problems and review possible treatment options. Treatment costs are discussed at this time. For more complex treatment plans, a written report and provisional treatment plan is provided. Your input and feedback is important at this phase if we are to achieve a result you will be happy with. Early dental education to prevent ongoing problems is also provided

Stage 3 - Treatment Phase
Appointments are scheduled depending on your treatment needs and the timeframe discussed to achieve the desired result. This treatment time frame may extend over several weeks/months to several years. The length of the appointment is tailored to best suit an optimal treatment outcome as well as your comfort.

Stage 4 - Treatment Review and Maintenance/Prevention Program
Regular appointments are scheduled to review what has been achieved. Again they are customised to your needs and may be organised on a monthly or yearly level. Dental prevention programs will be discussed to stop or slow future dental problems and how to maintain your mouth in a comfortable but stable manner. Initially - these stages may overlap so that we may quickly achieve an immediate goal (e.g. repairing a broken front tooth for your upcoming wedding or important event) but overtime, we hope to take all our patients through the above program so that we can provide the optimal treatment that the dentist-patient team has planned.


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