DentalArt provides comprehensive dental health solutions for the entire family, through our dental clinic in Park Orchards.

What is your concept of the ideal dental clinic?

In reality, it is different things to different people. So what makes one dental clinic different to another clinic? After all, all dental clinics provide dental care. What is it about DentalArt that would make it the dental clinic you want to attend?

Firstly, at DentalArt, we see our primary role as healthcare providers. Just as your doctor aims to keep your body healthy and not just treat illness, we aim to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Just as our initial questions showed that people’s expectations differ, we aim to tailor your dental experience to your needs and wants.

As such we aim to achieve what we call "relationship based treatment" - that is, by getting to know our patients, we can better understand what you wish to achieve dentally, and customise treatment to your needs, timeframe and finances.

At DentalArt, we can plan for your dental needs by incorporating treatment solutions such as:

The DentalArt team look forward to meeting you and developing a dental treatment plan that is customised JUST FOR YOU.

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